Defenses for CSA and FIFACSA and FIFA have NBA 2K18 MT Coins  not yet indicated their defense arguments but there are several likely defenses. Collectively, these defenses contend that playing on turf neither constitutes a disadvantage relevant to the law nor perpetuates prejudice, that the decision to use turf was made in good faith, and that any remedy requiring that surfaces be changed would impose undue hardship.1. Grass and turf are equivalent surfaces for soccer.     

Watch for CSA and FIFA to portray the kind of artificial turf to be used in the World Cup as equally safe and as functional as grass. For instance, they could cite the use of artificial turf by the National Women's Soccer Leagueto show that turf is neither dangerous to players’ health nor restricting in style of play. After all, if the top North American women's soccer league uses artificial turf, then it would signal that turf is an adequate substitute for grass.  

Not only that, but the NWSL negotiates a collective bargaining agreement with the Women’s National Team Players’ Association, so even the players' union—which is legally entrusted with safeguarding players—is on board with artificial turf.FIFA would also hire expert witnesses from the soccer, turfgrass and health care industries to opine that the kind of turf used in Canada is safe and reasonable.

If FIFA can establish that its use of artificial turf isn't dangerous or game altering, it would greatly undermine the players' claim. To be sure, the players would employ their own experts, and the players’ legal brief cites several studies indicating the playing sports on turf is more dangerous than playing on grass.2. Male professional soccer players, including those in Canada, play on turfCSA and FIFA can also stress that many of Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins  the world’s best male soccer players play on artificial turf.

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