Permanent combined NBA 2K MT Copatalks 'inaccurate' Gulati said reports this week that there have been discussions about combining the Copa América and CONCACAF Gold Cup permanently are “completely inaccurate.” He said, “There have been no discussions about future events with U.S. Soccer or between CONCACAF and CONMEBOL about this. I made sure that in order to make the second part of that statement I talked with Victor  yesterday.


He’s had no discussions with anyone at CONMEBOL about it. So, there is nothing imminent, no plans, no discussions have taken place.” That doesn’t mean there won’t be more potential cooperation between the North and South American confederations in the future. “If were thinking about a combined event in the future, it wouldn’t have to be a Copa América. It would be some new created event, where there might be an equal number of teams for example, or all of those things that are specific to Copa América wouldn’t necessarily be in place,” he said.


What we might talk about for a future event would be a new event.”A Trump presidency could impact a World Cup bid U.S. Soccer may not host another Copa, but it certainly would like to bring a second World Cup to American shores. Having been beaten controversially by Qatar in the race to host the 2022 finals, the U.S. now is waiting for FIFA to establish the rules and procedures for bidding for 2026.


Gulati has said that the U.S. won’t commit to bidding until those parameters are established in early 2017. Meanwhile, he'll be watching this November’s election results. “I think the world’s perception is affected by who’s in the White House, yes, and so it has some bearing,” Gulati said. “I think having somebody in the White House that gives a the country an outward-looking view and a personality that’s more easily accepted around the world is positive for the United States and then more specifically for hosting events here and NBA 2K MT Coins our general image from a sports perspective.


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