Rotation adjustments often work more MUT 18 Coins than many coaches think.This is the predicament Brooklyn Nets coach P.J. Carlesimo is in following his team's 79-76 Game 3 loss to the Chicago Bulls. His team won lots of games playing Gerald Wallace and Reggie Evans at the same time, but it's just not working in this series. Their inability to produce offense is forcing Brooklyn to play 3-on-5 offensively. It's time for Carlesimo to adjust his rotation to add more offensive threats on the floor and split Wallace and Evans up as much as possible.

Nets Daily community reacts to Carlesimo's rotations.There are so many problems that result when you pair Evans with Wallace. Here are just a few examples from Game 3. In Evans' case, he's incapable of doing anything but grab offensive rebounds -- and he isn't even doing that in this series. His screen-setting can be a strength against other teams, but with the way the Bulls are ignoring him, that's been rendered ineffective.The Bulls delighted in Evans' presence on the floor because it allowed them to load up against Brooklyn's primary play.


In this example, Carlos Boozer leaves Evans wide open underneath the hoop to prevent Brooklyn from easily isolating Joe Johnson on the left wing. Evans tries to compensate by screening for Brook Lopez, but that makes things worse. Joakim Noah can now guard two people at once. Eventually, Lopez breaks free in the middle for an instant, and as he catches the ball, four Bulls surround him. This is normally a good thing for a team! Evans is now wide open underneath the hoop!But ... the Bulls recover, Lopez doesn't think to pass it soon enough because it's Evans, and the Nets turn it over.If Brooklyn can't score in this situation, why would anyone bother guarding Evans?


Here's the play in real time. Here's another situation where the Bulls pay Evans no mind underneath the basket. Chicago triple-teams Deron Williams coming off a screen, forcing him to give it up. Normally, someone's open when a player is being triple-teamed, and that is indeed the case here.However, notice how Boozer has already started to rotate to Lopez, even though it would again leave Evans open underneath the basket. That's how little the Bulls respect Evans.Evans ends up hurting the Nets' spacing by cutting too close to Buy NFL 18 Coins Lopez for a legitimate pass to be made, and Lopez misses a contested layup.Here's the play in real time.


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