Your starting city (out of three) in A Realm Reborn is based entirely off of which starting class you decide to tackle. For your early levels, youll basically be sticking to that main hub and the surrounding areas, though Im told that the other two starting cities will be opening up to me shortly now that Ive reached level 15. Thats exciting because I want to become a fisher and, beginning my tale as a thaumaturge in the desert city of Uldah, its pretty obvious why fishing wasnt one of the areas primary guilds.My main gripe with Final Fantasy XIV so far is that nothing has really set it apart from the pack.


You'll take on various missions in  Madden NFL 18 Coins the early goings to level up your chosen class, youll push the story missions along, and youll help out a large number of NPCs who need things delivered, picked up or killed. I suppose that all comes with the territory, though, so its hard to knock an MMO for playing like an MMO, especially when everything here has been executed so well. Newcomers to MMOs will find a lot to love in the early going but, for the vets in the audience, youll almost certainly be left wanting. I was fortunate enough to miss out on the apparent tragedy that was the original Final Fantasy XIV, which was panned by critics and Runescape players as being poorly constructed, tedious and just plain boring to play. If thats truly the case, then I cant imagine what amount of work had to be funneled into A Realm Reborn to make it so solid. It takes few risks, sure, but thats hard to blame when they had such a huge amount of recovery to orchestrate.What weve been left with is a wholly solid beginning to a massive game, even if it doesnt tread from the beaten path of the countless MMOs that have come before it.


I've yet to witness any major bugs and I havent had the Runescape game crash or stutter on me even once. The landscapes are nicely detailed and pretty to look at, especially for an MMO where graphics are known for taking a back seat due to how much crap needs to be displayed, calculated, crunched and output at any given moment. I also have to spare a moment to mention the soundtrack, which already boasts a number of lovely tunes that keep getting stuck in my head.I chose a thaumaturge as my starting class because it lays the foundation to becoming a black mage. Put simply, I picked the class because I wanted to make things go boom.


The way the Runescape games job system works is that your main class needs to be leveled all the way up to 30, and a secondary class needs to be leveled up to 15 (an archer, in the case of the black mage), in order to unlock your ultimate skills. I plan to save my archer training until Ive hit level 30 as a thaumaturge, so I cant speak to the diversity in classes or anything like that yet. Ive taken up a side job as a miner, however, and was delighted to find that its tasks are at least a little more varied than in other Runescape games. There isnt much beyond the typical digging so far, but at least Im learning where certain materials can be dug up, ways of improving my chances of getting desired items, etc.Perhaps my favorite feature in A Realm Reborn so far is the ability to  Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins freely swap between classes, jobs and the like.


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