I think realistically it will be in 2020, six years before. But we have to NBA 2K18 MT  start the process already now after this congress to start the consultation phase. We need to define a couple of things. Number of teams, for example. Number of venues, which goes for the number of teams.

The question of whether co-hosting or not is something good. I think it is, personally. The relevance of the famous technical report that is done, which for me must have relevance. Definitely. It has to matter. I’m not a dictator so I don’t impose things, but I can convince. It’s clear. If you do a technical evaluation, it must have a result. The result must be to exclude those bidders who don’t fulfill certain requirements, or to keep the best ones. So when the vote is made, you go to one of the two or three countries who have presented the best bids.

You just mentioned that you support the idea of a co-hosted World Cup. The U.S. is expected to bid for World Cup 2026. Just this week the head of the Mexican FA said Mexico would like to host that World Cup as well. The Canadians have expressed some interest too. Would you be in favor or willing to listen to the idea of a shared World Cup between any combination of the U.S., Mexico and Canada?                                                                   

Personally, yes. Of course, the U.S. could organize a World Cup on its own. Everything is here. You could organize a World Cup tomorrow probably if you want. The U.S. is a continent more than a country. Canada has just organized a Women’s World Cup. Mexico has already organized two World Cups. So I think probably these three countries could organize a World Cup on their own. Having said that, I’m very open to considering joint bids. I’m recently coming from an organization that has just awarded the European Championship in 2020 to 13 different countries and 13 different cities. So everything is possible. For me the World Cup is such a huge event that the more people you can  Buy NBA 2K18 MT include in the dream, in the organization, the better.

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