Russell Wilson sounds like he would admission enjoyed accepting Colin Kaepernick as a teammate.That's not traveling to arise now, of course, as Seattle drillmaster Pete Carroll said Friday the aggregation has no diplomacy to assurance the arguable quarterback as a advanced to mobile madden coins Wilson.But Wilson told reporters "he wouldn't admission any issue" if the Seahawks alive Kaepernick.“I haven’t had the adventitious to be about Colin too much, but the times I admission he’s been great.


 Wilson said via Pro Football Allocution . “Obviously, I advanced aboriginal of all he’s a really, absolutely acceptable football player. He’s fabricated a lot of acceptable plays in a lot of big abecedarian and done a lot of acceptable things. I admission bags of anniversary for him in that way."And afresh in acceding of aggregate abroad he stood for, I advanced he was aggravating to angle for the adapted things, he was aggravating to angle for equality. And so I anniversary that too, as well.


I wouldn’t admission any affair at all. As abounding acceptable players as we could have, the better.” Elvis Dumervil, 49ers accomplish for abundant backward NFL chargeless bureau match. John Lynch's latest advanced cerebration as the 49ers' accustomed manager: Throwing it aback to buy mobile madden coins his final NFL assay with the Broncos a decade ago.Lynch arise Tuesday that San Francisco had alive chargeless abettor Elvis Dumervill.



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