Speaking of Giant Bomb... they actually hired in Madden Coins a full-time staff member and expanded their studios. We recently ran a post about a Runescape video game store some of their members visited as they ramped up their production equipment for opening up shop and getting things underway to go all-in on their New York venture. The discussion surrounding Giant Bomb and their success was eventually mentioned in a lengthy discussion on Reddit, where many hinted that


Giant Bomb may be outperforming Runescape gamespot as far as engagement and viewership goes. Personality-driven content apparently drives hits more than standard news, if the boom in YouTube engagement, the rise of Giant Bomb and the $4 million in annual profit by PewDiePie is anything to go by.Not every member of Runescape gamespot has been let go, however, as resident news guru at the site Eddie Makuch is still on Buy Madden Coins board, along with


Kevin VanOrd, where NeoGaf caught wind of him stating on social media that... Somehow, I am in the tiny group of Runescape gamespot authors still left standing. People I love will not be greeting me each day. CBS Interactive is apparently hunkering down on the content that works and shaving off the content that doesn't. This meant removing Carolyn Petit, Tom Mc Shea, Justin Calvert, Ryan Mac Donald, and Maxwell


McGee from the staff at the long-running media outlet. It's safe to say that a lot of gamers, gaming media personalities and industry workers are shocked at the news.Runescape gamespot issued a statement to Runescape gamesIndustry.biz about their restructuring, stating that... Runescape gamespot did some shifting of internal resources as part of our long-term content and user engagement strategy. A few positions were impacted." Runescape gamespot has joined other notable gaming websites that have recently downsized due to the shift in Buy Madden Coins market engagement, including but not limited to it.


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