Pausing lets you get perfect positioning on NBA 2K18 MT Coins your attacks so that a line attack hits more than one enemy, or that you can get the right combo to kill an enemy. You can see how much health an attack will inflict on an enemy and undo any moves that you're unsatisfied with.Freezing time has a drawback, though. After you perform it, you're locked out of most of your abilities for several seconds.

You'll have to scramble around in real time and avoid damage while waiting for the timer to charge so you can launch another salvo of attacks.Transistor gives you a lot of abilities to choose from. You can slot each Function as one of four active abilities, as a modifier for other abilities, or as a passive bonus for your character. It's fun mixing and matching Functions to change your fighting style. For example, one ability lets you turn enemies into allies.

I combined that Function with an ability that summons a friendly robot dog, which allowed me to create dogs that bit enemies to convert them into allies.The enemies of Transistor are equally diverse. You'll encounter suicide bombers, worms that repair their allies, and robots that shield other enemies. As the campaign proceeds, you'll encounter more powerful versions of these enemies with additional abilities.

No matter what enemy you're facing, though, your strategy doesn't really need to change. I used the same one-two punch throughout the entire campaign as my main attack. This strategy simply got stronger, rather than obsolete, as I gained new Functions. The different abilities of enemies determined what order in which I killed them, but didn't affect the abilities I used to kill them. I wasn't exactly a tactical mastermind so I was disappointed that the enemies didn't have effective counters to Buy NBA 2K18 MT my standard attacks.

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