Thai youth kicks the NBA Live Coins ball as five elephants block the goal during a soccer match between men and elephants on Monday, June 9, organized by Ayutthaya Elephant Camp to celebrate the World Cup soccer tournament. AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong Scenes of the 2014 World Cup 1 143 1 143 Sure enough, after Uruguay had regained possession, Suarez rolled a pass to Lodeiro, who ran at Gerrard, beat him all too easily and slipped a pass toCavani. Perhaps he did get lucky, as Roy Hodgson claimed, with a ricochet off


Glen Johnson’s shins, but his cross was then perfectly weighted and Suarez converted with a deft header. “I thought we controlled Suarez well in general play,” said Hodgson. “He did very, very well to get away to the back post for the first goal, but quite frankly for long period of the game we kept him very quiet. We’re used to seeing him a lot more active around the penalty area than we saw him today.” The second owed little to tactical acuity and everything to basic English errors and brilliance from Suarez.


After England had got back into the game and was tearing forwards in search of a winner – thrillingly if naively – Muslera launched a long kick forwards, the ball glanced off Gerrard and Suarez somehow was allowed to run on to the loose ball before thumping a majestic finish past Joe Hart. “The second goal was an unfortunate flick off Steven Gerrard’s head…” Hodgson went on. “[Suarez] doesn’t miss from that area. He was voted the player of the year by almost everybody in England: by the sportswriters, by his own players, by the league managers association, he was the player of the year.


Today of course he’s coming back from injury so he was to some extent quieter than we’re used to seeing him but two chances came his way and as a top player he took his chances and that probably ended our chances of staying in the competition.” England could still make it through if Italy beats Costa Rica Friday and then in the final set of games Italy beats Uruguay and England beats Costa Rica by a big enough margin to have the best goal difference of the three sides that would be on Buy NBA Live Coins three points.


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