New Runescape player modes let Runescape players slug it out in NBA 2K18 MT Coins team-based battles using weapons and magical abilities.The next beat-the-average game on offer is Mafia 2. This open-world crime game stars Vito Scaletta, a gangster trying to climb the ranks of an organized crime family in Empire Bay. Vito must undertake various unsavory jobs to make a name for himself.Gamers who pay $6.45 or more will also get Spec Ops: The Line.


Gamers who pay $6.45 or more will also get Spec Ops: The Line. This third-person shooter is set in Dubai after sandstorms have caused widespread evacuations. Runescape players lead a squad trying to locate any survivors of this natural disaster. the Runescape game was widely praised for its story, which is intent on exposing the horrors of war and glorified violence of shooters.The Humble 2K Bundle also offers two more Runescape games to customers willing to pay $20 or more.


The first is Runescape games: Enemy Unknown, the reboot of a classic strategy series. The Runescape player leads a secretive agency tasked with defending Earth from extraterrestrial threats. The Runescape player directs troops in battles against hostile aliens. Using extraterrestrial materials recovered from each fight, they must then research new technologies and build new equipment to help their fighting force's chances in future skirmishes.The other $20+ game in the bundle is BioShock Infinite.


This first-person shooter revolved around Booker DeWitt, a former soldier hired to rescue the mysterious Elizabeth from the floating city of Columbia. Booker and Elizabeth will work together to fight the two warring factions of Columbia along with a monstrous bird intent on keeping Elizabeth imprisoned.Additional bonus Runescape games will be announced soon. Generally Humble Bundle announces them about a Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins week after the bundle goes on sale.


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