This meant that gamers had to NBA Live 18 Coins go around and about using Twitch to capture and upload gameplay footage, instead of being able to do so using uncompressed capture devices such as Elgato or Avermedia's HDMI tuners. Not only that, but Sony aims to rival and one-up Microsoft by announcing that they're increasing the resolution of Twitch output up to 720p for the PS4, matching the Xbox One, which recently received Twitch support back on March 11th.As noted in the blog post... ...we have been working with our partners at Twitch and Ustream, and will also be adding the ability for Twitch broadcasts to be archived another highly requested feature among PS4 fans who are taking advantage of the SHARE button features.


These broadcasts will be also provided with a higher resolution of 720p, so PS4 fans can enjoy live broadcasts with clearer images. Whatever one-ups the Xbox One used to have over the PS4 seem to be dwindling down faster than Clint Eastwood's life-force.It won't be long now before developers will start utilizing the hardware advantage of the PS4 to start making Runescape games bigger and better than the competition. I don't know if the eSRAM will be able to save the Xbox One. One thing is for sure: Sony told gamers that greatness awaited, and they're delivering the greatness. The only thing Sony needs to do now is come out swinging hard and fast at E3 this year, as that will definitively put them up and over the top as the true leader of the eighth generation console race, as they prep to enter the second stage of the marathon.


The only worry they'll need to consider is the competition that will kick into high gear when May 30th arrives.Runescape Level 90 Character Boost Stats Reveal Most Popular Class. Blizzard began offering level 90 character boosts in Runescape earlier this month and thousands of Runescape players have already used theirs. Early statistics on the character boost suggest there will be a lot of Warlocks in the next expansion pack.The stats were compiled by MMO Champion, who notes that they're not perfect numbers. The only way that they can tell whether a character is boosted is whether they're still wearing the starter gear that they received after being raised to level 90. However, around 106,000 characters fit that criteria so it's a pretty good sample. Here are Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins the results:Warlocks were the favorite choice, accounting for 12.24% of the boosts.


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