Thanks for participating!Original article: Black Gold Online from NBA Live 18 Coins Snail Runescape games USA has official entered open beta. This means that Runescape players can head on over to the official website, grab a digital copy of the Runescape game and start playing to their heart's content.The free-to-play title isn't just heading into open-beta, it's doing so bearing gifts. Snail Runescape games is giving away some free Stoneskin gift packs for Gaming Blend's readers.


As usual, we'll have details on how to retrieve that at the bottom of the article. First up, let's explain what makes Black Gold Online somewhat different from all the other MMORPGs out there. Okay, so you get the typical multi-faction showdown that you expect from most PvP-oriented online Runescape games. You get to choose from six different races and 12 difference character classes. A few of them are actually kind of cool and reminds me a lot of Allods Online, since you get to choose from things like the


Thaumaturge, Pyromancer, Beastmaster (all hail the 80s!), a Skycaller and a Geomancer. By the way, those are some of the coolest class names out there. But there's even more. After choosing your race and choosing your class, you also get to do something else: build a mech. That's right, you can build a giant robot or other mobile vehicles of steam-powered capabilities and then take it out onto the battlefield and beat the royal crap out of opponents.


The steam-powered mech with the twin gatling guns... oh that's going to keep people up all night drooling and messaging their friends about owning up the competition.I haven't actually had time to put into the Runescape game, so I'm unfamiliar with the actual combat system and play mechanics. Based on a few gameplay Runescape videos on YouTube it appears the Runescape game uses tab-targeting for  Buy NBA Live 18 Coins some classes, so if you can play Runescape you can play Black Gold Online.


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